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Hiring a knowledgeable, trustworthy external auditor to survey your organization’s books or accounting practices can help identify potential problems. Misstatements, fraud, or non-compliance with government regulations can hide beneath the surface of your financial structure and become more detrimental as your organization grows.

At TKW, our auditors express their opinions about these kinds of issues, which is exactly as it should be. It’s in their DNA to diligently review financial records, accounting procedures and operating systems to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your financial information. They also revel in recommending ways to reduce costs, enhance revenue and strengthen internal control. The Firm always ensures that our auditors have the resources, education and industry memberships they need to help you comply when new accounting guidelines are issued.

Whether your organization requires an audit, review, compilation, single audit, or agreed upon procedure, we will provide you with the personalized approach and high-quality service you expect, at a fair price.




Our tax team provides tax consulting, planning and compliance services to businesses and individuals. We do much more than simply prepare tax returns. We identify opportunities and offer advice to optimize your tax situation.  When given the opportunity to review a proposed transaction, we can inform you of the potential tax consequences as well as possible alternatives.


We spend time studying new tax laws to determine how they affect our clients. We share new information and insights with you and each other. We tailor our services to your needs. 


As odd as it may seem, our team members enjoy what they do. Federal, state and local tax laws change constantly.  That’s both part of the challenge and the fun.  There is always something new to learn, always some new piece of the puzzle to incorporate. Our goal is to do for you what you would do for yourself if you knew what we know.



After the books are closed, the taxes are filed or the audit is complete, TKW can do even more to help you move your business forward.

Our team acts as an extension of your management team, as collaborators and advocates who share an understanding of your organization and partner with you to improve operations, enhance financial reporting, implement new systems and contribute to sound financial decisions to help your business grow.




Consider us your accountants on-call when you need someone to handle your organization’s day-to-day financial transactions, either permanently or while you’re waiting to hire your next accounting staff member.

Whether you need bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, controller or customized management reporting services, outsourcing your accounting needs can allow you to focus on the overall growth and vision of your company, solve capacity issues and save money. Our experts at TKW will oversee your books, check for anomalies that may have been over-looked and provide you with the impartial and accurate data you need to make smart financial decisions. Contact us today to learn more about all our offerings and associated fees.

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