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We are pleased to announce our newest TKW Partner


TKW Volunteers with our Oregon Food Bank Stats 2.jpg

We accountants don't normally like to referred to as "bean counters" but we admit it was very apropos this past November when we helped to pack over 5,000 lbs. of pinto beans at the

Oregon Food Bank!


Nothing like a spot of tea at 4PM on a Friday to break up the workday.  Homemade scones, La Provence sweets, macarons and lots of teas to try.  Pinkies up!


OSCPA Educational Foundation.gif

We were honored to meet Dashiel Weidman, who sat at our table at the OSCPA Circle of Excellence dinner in May.  He is receiving the OSCPA Educational Foundation scholarship sponsored by TKW for the 2022-23 Academic Year!  We are proud to make a positive impact on the lives of accounting students and invest in the future of the accounting profession. Have a great senior year, Dashiel! 

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Work/Life Balance means taking breaks during Busy Season to enjoy activities away from your desk, like our recent Lego Party, which involved trivia, car races, games, prizes, pizza and Lego cupcakes.


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